Free download PowerGramo Skype Recorder (Standard)

PowerGramo Skype Recorder (Standard)

Powerful Skype recorder with a flexible skype answering machine
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8 September 2009

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The remarkable Skype application aids users in making voice calls to their friends and colleagues over the internet. The trend of using this program has increased over the past few years especially in business sector for communicating with employees, clients, customers, etc. However, unlike emails and chat messages, the Skype voice calls don’t get recorded anywhere. This makes it difficult to keep the track of your correspondence with the clients or customers. Well, if you’re also stuck in such problem and seeking for some assistance to help you through then it’s time you try PowerGramo Skype Recorder (Standard) 4.8. The program functions as a Skype audio recorder as well as a flexible answering machine. It accurately records entire Skype calls like skypecast, skype in/out, pc-to-pc, conference, etc providing good quality output. Even, the program secures the recorded calls’ record by encrypting it and applying password protection.

PowerGramo Skype Recorder is integrated of easy functions to aid you in recording Skype voice calls. When you receive a call, the program automatically begins to record the audio, along with storing the relevant information. After the recording completes, every audio file is stored and queued over the utility’s main screen along with the number, time, date, and duration info. For listening to your recorded calls the program imparts an in-built player placed at the bottom of interface. Even, you can use these audios for sending and sharing them with your partners, clients, etc; and delete any, if required. Not just this, the application also logs the chat messages along with recorded audio data. Further, the integrated answering machine function aids you in sending personalized audio or text auto messages to several of your Skpye contacts. It functions effectively for online journalism, podcasting, conducting business, and even more.

PowerGramo Skype Recorder (Standard) operates efficiently to assist you in recording your Skype voice calls along with chat messages. Considering the impressive option-set accompanied by remarkable performance of the application, it’s being assigned with 4 rating points.

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PowerGramo is a powerful Skype audio recorder with the most flexible answering machine. It flawlessly records all type of Skype calls (pc-to-pc, skype in/out, conference, skypecast, etc..) with the best quality and have call records encrypted and password protected. Recording is done automantically and information about calls is saved together with the calls for future review. Furthermore, even text chat messages are logged together with audio data. The answering machine allows you to send personalized auto messages (audio & text) to different Skype contacts. PowerGramo is the perfect tool for podcasting, online journalism, conducting business, and much more!
PowerGramo Skype Recorder (Standard)
PowerGramo Skype Recorder (Standard)
Version 4.8
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